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Creating an unique look with separates is easy with a little help from our stylists!

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Stylist Strategies To Beat the Challenge of Transition

Finding ways to transition into fall can in our area can be an exercise in patience. With temperatures reaching an all-time high, getting excited about fall clothing can be, well, a struggle to say the least. Fluctuating weather patterns only add to the challenges of creating a sensible yet dynamic wardrobe. Meanwhile, new arrivals are entering your favorite boutiques on a daily basis in volume. The best of the best is prime for your shopping pleasure throughout the next six to eight weeks.
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Oversized Coats: Fashion Form and Function

Oversized coats are a dominant trend in the realm of outerwear this year. It’s not surprising since fashion has landed, like Marty McFly’s DeLorean, smack dab in the 80s. Those of us who have lived through this era once have a healthy dose of skepticism as to what styles we’ll revisit. The question often asked is, “Why?” When it comes to oversized coats, I can answer the question from a problem-solving viewpoint: an oversized coat is necessary for some of the pieces you may already own.
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