Ageless Style (and Sales!) at TSALT

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  • By Alicia McCaslin
Ageless Style (and Sales!) at TSALT

The term “age appropriate” gets thrown around a lot when we talk about style and fashion. What women should and should not wear after a certain age seems more like a question of comfort level than any binding rules around style. Personally, I prefer the idea of “Ageless Style.” This is style that works regardless of a woman’s age; it just may require a few minor tweaks to bridge how each generation chooses to wear the pieces.

We all have varying degrees of comfort when it comes to fashion. My styling business has a lot to do with figuring out the client’s understanding of who they are and how to encourage them to take a few risks that don’t pull them too far from their comfort level. Knowing what you want to project to others is the first step in understanding your personal style at any age.

I’m always looking for women who have great style and dissecting their looks. Whether they are young or old, I’m drawn to the inventive ways that women create their looks. We are all getting older in some regard and need to take into account whether we are expressing our best selves at whatever age we are. This is where I find my own inspiration on where to go next. As we get older, our style should evolve to some degree, too. I realize there are a variety of messages being thrown around such as, “only buy pieces that work with what you have invested in” and “stay true to who you are and don’t get caught up in trends.”

So how does one start to redefine themselves through their wardrobe without breaking the codes of a capsule wardrobe where your old pieces should have a relationship with each piece you introduce?

Baby steps.

Trying styles that are foreign to you can be like trying an exotic type of cuisine you’ve never had before. It takes time to develop a taste for new things. Before you take the leap into the unknown, go to Pinterest and explore “ageless style” and see if there are any looks that you feel represent you. With this little exercise, I encourage you to take some time this summer to expand how you see yourself. Then head over to TSALT and check out some of the great, ageless separates and dresses on the sale racks!


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